Study Visit in Belgrade16 June 2013As a partner organization of the Olof Palme International Center, EC Ma Ndryshe had attended a study visit to Belgrade, which was aimed at getting acquainted with the work of the youth in Serbia.More
Study visit in the Czech Republic15 June 2013EC Ma Ndryshe, as the beneficiary of “Building Partnerships for Local Action” project, had participated in a study visit to several cities in the Czech Republic. More
Website “Participation through Social Media” launched09 June 2013EC Ma Ndryshe, within the “Raising participation through social media” project has launched the project’s website.More
Pavement of the ramps for the disabled in Prizren03 June 2013Based on the needs and concerns emerged from focus groups with people with special needs.More
The study on local cultural policies in Prizren released31 May 2013The conference “Local cultural policies in Prizren” as part of the “Raising civic participation in drafting and implementation of local cultural policies” project, was held on 31 May 2013 at Hotel...More
EC Ma Ndryshe at the conference on local democracy15 May 2013EC Ma Ndryshe has taken part in the international conference “Local Democracy – Improving Cooperation between Local Government and Civil Society”, to introduce its cooperation with the local government.More
Memorandum between EC Ma Ndryshe and Mamuşa/Mamushë Municipality13 May 2013On May 13, in the office of the Mayor of Mamusha, EC Ma Ndryshe signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mayor of Municipality, Arif Bütüç...More
Construction activities in Prevalla halted03 May 2013EC Ma Ndryshe, within the “Online Transparency of As a result of EC Ma Ndryshe’s advocacy on the urban degradation of Prevalla, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has decided to...More