Debate “Youth and Urban Planning in Prizren”25 September 2013“Youth and Urban Planning in Prizren” is the second in the cycle of debates, as part of the project “INCLUSIVE CITY – Participatory Planning for Sustainable Urban Development in Prizren”.More
Debate “Women and urban planning in Prizren”20 September 2013EC Ma Ndryshe kicks off with the series of debates “Participatory Urban Planning”. The purpose of these debates is to present the findings of 28 focus groups with seven community groups of Prizren.More
Debate “Youth and Transparency: Excluded or Ignored?”13 September 2013As part of the project “Raising participation in decision-making through social mediain Prizren and Gjilan/Gnjilane”, EC Ma Ndryshe has published an analysis titled “Youthand Transparency...More
Petition against degradation of the city of Prizren12 August 2013EC Ma Ndryshe and Dokufest have launched a civic initiative for stopping further urban degradation of Prizren. More
Placement of garbage bins along the pathway to Kalaja (Prizren Fortress)03 August 2013As for meeting the requests and needs of citizens emerged from the focus groups with...More
EC Ma Ndryshe at the OSCE’s conference on local governance16 July 2013EC Ma Ndryshe participated in the conference “Sharing Regional Best Practices for Engagement of Citizens in Local Governance Issues” organized by the OSCE Mission in Kosova. More
Summer School on Regional Co-operation in Budapest14 July 2013In order to increase the organization’s capacities, a number of EC Ma Ndryshe’s staff has partaken in the summer school on regional cooperation on the topic “Old Neighbours ...More
Installation of new utility poles at Arbana neighbourhood in Prizren10 July 2013Based on the needs and concerns emerged from the focus groups with run-down neighbourhoods, respectively ‘Arbana’ quarter, within the project “INCLUSIVE CITYMore