The importance of efficient energy for Prizren citizens

EC Ma Ndryshe has implemented an initiative aimed at promoting the usage of efficient energy to the citizens and conducting a research on the importance of energy saving for them. In order to understand the importance of energy efficiency to the citizens EC has designed a questionnaire containing some questions aimed at understanding how they currently use the energy and their interest in the way of using the energy that would result in a lower environmental pollution.

During the implementation of this questionnaire, each respondent citizen was given an LED light bulb in order to further promote the use of energy efficiency. Citizens were informed about the benefits of using these light bulbs. The donated LED bulbs last about 25,000 hours, and although they are 12W they shed light as much as a 120W incandescent bulb, resulting in a 90% saving in electricity.

Within this research EC has also provided a graphical representation of the output data. Based on the data obtained from this research, the situation is concerning in terms of energy usage and environmental protection. Statistics show that 63.2% of citizens are still using for heating wood-fired appliances and 20.8% are using electric-fired ones, compared to the ecologically friendly alternatives where a small percentage is present. The problems of air pollution and deforestation are issues that are directly related to these emissions. On the other hand, according to the data, citizens are concerned about this pollution and the environmental and health damages that are being caused. The other questions had to do with citizens' interest in saving energy in their homes, concerns about the rising cost of electricity usage, the use of efficient lamps, and reasons that would motivate them to reduce their use of such energy. All findings from these questions are shown in the attached chart.

EC Ma Ndryshe continues to call for further promotion of the use of energy efficiently as a way of protecting the environment and as a step towards green practices.

This grant is made possible by the 'Civil Society Program for Albania and Kosovo', funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) in partnership with Partners Albania for Change and Development (PA) and the project 'Luxembourg Support for Civil Society in Kosovo', funded by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).