Feedback on news released on RTV Besa's Facebook page

On the RTV Besa Facebook page the news is published under the heading "Heritage Protection Organization Requests Car Parking Permits in Historic Center of Prizren", which reports on an EC Ma Ndryshe request addressed to the Directorate Public Services of the Municipality of Prizren.


Initially, EC considers that the aforementioned media did not comply with the provisions of the Media Code of Ethics, as it had to hear the arguments of this organization prior to the publication of the news, as well as give it sufficient space for expression as an equal party to this reporting. The medium in question, intentionally or unintentionally, quotes EC's claim to the DPS in part and not in its entirety.

EC for the sake of fair information to the public explains that in this case it has channeled to the municipal authorities a request from the High School of Music "Lorenc Antoni" who have petitioned to allow their personal vehicles access to the parking lot opposite this school, a practice of previous years.

It is true that EC request states that this organization together with the school teachers requires DPS to provide parking permits for the working days.
However, the request also states that this request may be rejected by the responsible authority. "If such a request cannot be approved by your department, then we request that you give us a written reason for rejecting our request," reads the EC request.

Reasoning for eventual refusal, EC requested in order to inform the teachers with the epilogue of this request respectively the respective legal arguments.


EC therefore considers that the teachers’ request, supported by a petition, which is channeled to the municipal authorities should be read in its entirety, and not only in part.