About organization

The non-governmental organization “Emancipimi Civil Ma Ndryshe” was established in March 2006 in the culture-rich city of Prizren, Kosovo. EC is engaged in active citizenship to create a living environment by promoting an appropriate organization of the community, democratization of institutions and enrichment of cultural life in the main centers of Kosovo, with a special focus on Prizren and Prishtina. Whereas the work of the organization is led by the following values: impartiality, activism, results-driven and the community as the basis for action. EC Ma Ndryshe is one of the founding organizations that represent Kosovo in the South East European Heritage Network (SEE Heritage Network) of organizations that deal with issues regarding cultural heritage. Furthermore, EC Ma Ndryshe is the founder of the Cultural Heritage Forum of Prizren, the Network of Cultural Organizations (RrOK) of Prizren, and the Network of Independent Cultural Organizations in Kosovo’s Cultural Forum. Since its establishment, EC Ma Ndryshe has been exercising direct pressure on the local government in Prizren to generate greater access for civil society and its citizens in the decision-making process. In addition to direct participation in the public consultation processes, EC Ma Ndryshe has regularly advocated for adherence to legal requirements for public consultations, wider community involvement, and the inclusion of the community’s needs in public policy documents.


Main projects: Municipal Transparency Reform Index; Regional development through cultural tourism in Prizren; EC for Transparent and Inclusive Cities; Urban Planning and Development; Urbanism Watch – Urbanism of Prizrenit under constant watch (2013 – 2014); Citizen participation through social media in Prizren and Gjilan/Gnjilane (2013 – 2014); Inclusive city – participatory planning for sustainable urban development in Prizren (2013 – 2015); Cultural heritage, the central pillar for sustainable local and regional development in Prizren (2013 – 2014);  Culture Volunteers (2012 – 2013); Citizen participation in the design and implementation of cultural policies in Prizren municipality (2012 – 2013); Online Transparency of Prizren, Mamusha and Prishtina Municipalities (2012 – 2014); Role of Civil Society in Promotion of Cultural Heritage (regional project) 2011 – 2013, A Balkan Tale, Ottoman heritage in the Balkans (regional project) (2011 – 2013), Raising cultural awareness among youth through documentaries (2010), Strengthening citizens’ action in promoting and protecting cultural heritage (2009), “Culture 2013” Platform (2008 – 2009), Restoration Camps (2007, 2008 & 2009), Open Citizens’ Forums (2007), European Heritage Days in Kosova (2006, 2007 & 2008), Zambaku i Prizrenit 2006.  


Publications: Protection and Promotion of Cultural Heritage (2015); Regional Heritage Plan South 2015-2018; Erasing the Traces – Historic Centers in Kosovo (2015); Beautiful and Green - Catalogue of the Region South (2015); Community groups and urban planning in Prizren (2015); Who guards the guardians? – Accountability of civil society in Kosova (2013); Youth and Transparency: Excluded or Ignored?; Urban Planning for Citizens (2013); Citizen participation in drafting cultural policies in Prizren (2013); Erroneous – An analysis of numerous and continuous faults in cultural heritage  (2013); Five released analyses of “Online Transparency” project: 1. A year of transparency for greater transparency, 2. Natural and Urban Degradation, 3. Adherence to the law in local governance, 4. Good governance is not just a phrase, 5. Transparency of local governance in Prizren; Silent Balkan, a documentary within “A Balkan Tale” project (2012); Cultural life in the municipality of Prizren (in cooperation with ODA Theatre, 2010 – 2011); Prizren through Retro-visor, comparative catalogue of the old and new photos of Prizren (2009); Volunteerism and Cultural Heritage (2009); Low cost intervention (2009); Strategic document: Organizing European Heritage Days in Kosova (2008), Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Prizren(2008), Cultural Spaces in Kosova (in cooperation with ODA Theatre – 2008).