Decision of the mayor of the municipality of Prizren is non-transparent

The decision of the Mayor of Prizren during the first two months of 2020 is not transparent to the public. EC Ma Ndryshe recalls that two years ago, at the request of civil society activists for the opening of Prizren municipal government meetings, the mayor had vowed that all decisions would be published on the official website of the municipality. EC Ma Ndryshe has been following the publication of these decisions since the beginning of this year. 

On the website of the Municipality of Prizren until the beginning of the last week of February, a symbolic number of Mayor's decisions, respectively 8 decisions, were published. Whereas on 25.02.2020 there was only one decision of the Mayor published on 06.02.2020, which may have been caused due to technical defects in the functioning of the official website. During this period there have also been political developments regarding the composition of municipal government, which have created dilemmas that need to be clarified as soon as possible for the public and decision making to be made public. 

Meanwhile meetings of the local executive have remained closed to journalists and civil society monitoring staff, while media reports have not been held for months. According to the findings of the monitoring report "Progress in Good Governance Commitments 2 Years Later" by the organization Democracy Plus (D +) in January-October 2019, the Municipality of Prizren has published 311 decisions of the Mayor, but with an average of 44 days, it is the municipality which mostly delays the publication of the Mayor's decisions from the date of their adoption, compared to the municipalities of Prishtina, Ferizaj, Peja, Gjakova, Gjilan and Mitrovica.

 For these reasons, EC Ma Ndryshe recommends the Municipality of Prizren to immediately take measures to improve transparency regarding the decisions of the Mayor, as the legislation in force foresees that all decisions of the Mayor directly affect the interests of citizens. 

At the same time, EC considers that the information regarding the decision making of the Mayor should be timely, relevant, accurate and complete so that it can be used effectively.  EC also calls on the Mayor to reconsider his decision to hold meetings with its directors so as to allow journalists and civil society monitoring staff to participate.