The Directorate of Dducation in Prizren welcomes results of Eco school

EC Ma Ndyshe has met with the directress of the Directorate of Education in Prizren to inform the Directorate of the results and achievements of the ECO School project during 2019. EKO School is a project that has been implemented since January 2019 with the “Luciano Motroni” High School who was the beneficiary of this grant. The Directorate has been introduced to the methodology and concept of this project which has found application in developed countries and in Kosovo it was applied for the first time by EC Ma Ndryshe. The activities, interventions that the school has benefited in its premises and capacity building of students through expert trainings were presented.   

The Directorate of Education welcomed the results and pledged to support such initiatives as raising awareness of environmental issues is an area that will continue to receive the attention of this directory. This Directorate pledged to support EC Ma Ndryshe for such ongoing initiatives.

This grant is made possible by the “Civil Society Program for Albania and Kosovo”, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) in partnership with Partners Albania for Change and Development (PA).