RCCH finds excess of building permit, whereas DI says that the case is in process18 January 2018The Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren a month ago identified an excess of a building permit for the...More
The series of presentations in university and middle schools have finished10 January 2018EC has completed the series of presentations in high schools and universities, part of the 'Reclaiming the City' project.More
The issue of not respecting the building permits in the Historic Center is continuing29 December 2017Despite the reaction of the civil society and cultural heritage authorities for not respecting the consent issued by...More
Public policies must go through the community filter20 December 2017EC Ma Ndryshe has organized the annual conference "Inclusive Cities", which emphasized the need for community involvement in the design and implementation of public and local policies. More
EC conducted a public performance against the degradation of cultural heritage19 December 2017The degradation of the cultural heritage in Prizren has continued also in 2017 to be a worrying phenomenon. More
Myftiu's family house demolished, a monument protected by law18 December 2017The house of the Myftiu family which is located in the area of the Historic Center of Prizren has been demolished, a monument protected by law. More
The Historic Center of Prizren loses another monument29 November 2017In the Historic Center of Prizren, another monument of cultural heritage has been demolished, which was under legal protection.More
The excess of building permits in the Historic Center of Prizren is continuing17 November 2017The practice of not respecting the consent of the cultural heritage authorities during construction activities in the Historic Center of Prizren is continuing. More