The second day of the training on the Video Competiton with Smartphone

Today has continued the second day of the training on the Video Competiton with Smartphone. On the second day of the training, the applicants of the competition were also visited by the Mayor of the Municipality, Mytaher Haskuka. Mayor Haskuka was informed about the problems addressed by the youth and provided support for their consideration. The second day continued with practical field work, where applicants were informed of the shooting technique.

The applicants' training will continue in the coming days regarding the technique of installing and implementing short videos. Each of the videos proposed by young people addresses a concern over the principles of law on the city, ranging from: public security, sexual harassment, closed historical landmarks, lack of bicycle lanes, children at risk of speedy traffic, obstacles access to public facilities by persons with disabilities, social and national discrimination, prolonged work on the streets of the city and lack of pre-school institutions.