The series of presentations in university and middle schools have finished

EC has completed the series of presentations in high schools and universities, part of the 'Reclaiming the City' project. These presentations in the form of information sessions were conducted during the months of October, November and December in Prizren's high schools, including: "Gjon Buzuku" gymnasium, “Remzi Ademaj" gymnasium, "Luciano Motroni" medical high school, '' Ymer Prizreni '' high school of economics, '' Lorenc Antoni '' high school of music, ''11 Marsi' technical high school, ‘and at the University of Prizren' 'Ukshin Hoti' '.

The presentations were aimed at informing students about the project activities, the concept of the right to the city as well as the Urban Activation School, the Video Competition with Smartphones, the Citizens' Initiative for the Right to the City Card and the Workshops of Visioning which will be realized within the project. During these lectures, the participating students were notified about the application procedure to be a participant during the follow-up activities of the project.

The "Reclaiming the city" project, supported by NED (National Endowment for Democracy), is an effort to support underrepresented community groups (children, the elderly, people with special needs, women, cyclists, residents of settlements) to fully enjoy the right to the city through a variety of community mobilization activities and platforms.