KEDS ignores the citizens

Many electric poles around the city are in a bad condition and pose a danger to the citizens of Prizren. The "Ahmet Prishtina" street, which is frequented on daily basis by the occasional passers-by and the children attending the school nearby this street, has some poles that are on the verge of falling.


Dilapidated poles are of great concern to residents of other quarters too. Residents of the streets "Saraçët", "Kasëm Beg", "Mbreti Zog", "Salajdin Berisha" are declared that the risk that these pillars will collapse is becoming more evident. With regard to these problems, now 6 months EC with residents has repeatedly resorted to KEDS by officially addressing the problems and seeking remediation of the current state of these pillars, but the latter being aware of the risk they are causing, have continued to ignore our demands.

EC calls on KEDS to take into account these urgent requests and, as soon as possible, to carry out field interventions avoiding any disaster that may be caused by this institutional negligence.