Employment in Education14 May 2014Today, on March 14, 2014 Forum Transparency began the series of debates "Confrontation".More
Municipality of Prizren with a negative count in implementation of recommendations 08 May 2014During 2013 and the first four months of 2014 within the project of monitoring the transparency of Prizren municipal government.More
Justice and Community 07 May 2014As part of the “Linking communities to justice providers” project, EC Ma Ndryshe organized a public discussion to encourage...More
“Silent Balkans” documentary wins the Focal International Award02 May 2014The “Silent Balkans” documentary was announced FOCAL International award winner, a documentary produced by Anemon within “A Balkan Tale” project, in...More
Citizen Legislative Initiative02 May 2014On April 2nd, 2014 The Justice and Citizens Campaign submitted to the Assembly of Kosovo a citizen initiative intended to amend...More
First steps on the mapping of structures built without a construction permit in Pristina 02 May 2014As part of the “Online Transparency of Pristina Municipality” project, EC Ma Ndryshe, in the opening months of this year, has developed and tested a methodology for...More
DUSP issues no permit yet the DPS allows the setting up of the amusement park 29 April 2014Within the project of overseeing the transparency of the municipal government of Prizren, EC Ma Ndryshe, over the past months, has addressed again the issue...More
Mayor of Prizren to reopen meetings of the executive body25 April 2014The Mayor of Prizren Municipality in his third term of governance as well continues the practice of closed meetings with heads of directorates.More