Insults should not take place in public services02 March 2016EC Ma Ndryshe reacts to offensive language that was used on Tuesday by the Director of Public Services in Prizren, Mr. Hasan Hasani in communication with...More
Auditor's Reports not yet published 22 February 2016The reports of the auditor general for financial statements of 2014 are published in the official websites only by two...More
Millions spent for restorations have produced closed monuments05 February 2016Today, EC Ma Ndryshe has published the analysis “Millions spent for closed monuments” which assesses the impact and the benefits...More
The Court shall render justice in Muja’s case at a reasonable time limit18 January 2016The Forum "Transparenca" through this public reaction invokes the judiciary of Kosovo to take into the provisions of the...More
Tourist Information Centres closed for tourists15 January 2016In its strategic papers, the Municipality of Prizren has defined tourism as one of the most important economic domain. However, the actions toMore
Kosovo municipalities did not improve the living conditions for PSN29 December 2015According to the Office of the Auditory General (OAG), the four major municipalities of Kosovo, Prishtina, Prizren, Peja and Gjilan, including the...More
A city for the Community22 December 2015Tuseday 22 December 2015, the “EC Ma Ndryshe” held a conference and exhibition titled “A city for the Community,” whereby, presented the...More
Green containers for a better city21 December 2015“EC Ma Ndryshe” conducted a public performance titled "Green Containers" in order to convey f a message for no littering and more care for public spaces.More