Issues related to works in Great Hamam of Prishtina seem to have no end 25 September 2014Within the “Online Transparency” project, EC Ma Ndryshe during June–September launched a research on... More
Lack of access to drinking water, deprivation of human rights23 September 2014Within the project of monitoring transparency of Prizren’s municipal government, EC Ma Ndryshe has...More
"Hajde" (Come and Join Us) To the Intangible Heritage Days of Prizren22 September 2014EC Ma Ndryshe has started the implementation of the pilot action "Hajde!", Through which aims...More
Muja refuses to facing Transparency Forum21 September 2014After two invitations within a month for taking part in the debate “Face-off” with members of the...More
Municipality of Mamusa/Mamushë failing in budget transparency19 September 2014In the framework of the project for monitoring transparency of the municipal government, EC Ma Ndryshe, over...More
The elderly of Prizren excluded from urban planning17 September 2014EC Ma Ndryshe organized a discussion on the situation of the elderly in Prizren and their challenges in relation to urban planning. More
Community informed about women’s rights to inheritance 12 September 2014Today, on 12 September 2014, EC Ma Ndryshe held the subsequent debate with the citizens and representatives from the Basic Court in Prizren on the topic...More
Culture remains a priority unobserved by the Municipality of Prizren11 September 2014Transparency Forum today organized a debate in the “Face-off” series of debates, which discussed...More