Second issue of “Open Court” newsletter30 January 2015Basic Court of Prizren has published the second issue of “Open Court” newsletter, which covers...More
Municipality Lays Foundation of Library without Obtaining MCYS Permission 23 January 2015During its urban planning monitoring activities in Prizren for this month, “EC Ma Ndryshe” investigated theMore
Prizren Municipal Administration Worsens its Poor Budgetary Performance 14 January 2015Within the scope of its project for monitoring online transparency of Prizren municipal authorities during...More
A year of good initiatives in attempt 29 December 2014In March this year the UK Embassy in Prishtina, Municipality of Prishtina and NGO EC Ma Ndryshe made...More
Mayor Muja should Suspend the Director of Education 21 December 2014On 11 December 2014, Basic Prosecution in Prizren pressed charges at the Basic Court against...More
Municipality of Prizren Should Prove its (In)ability to Implement the Law 19 December 2014Forumi Transparenca in Prizren held the debate within the series called “Ballafaqim” (on the topic of ...More
Urban Chaos Map for Tophane and Dardania Neighborhoods in Prishtina 18 December 2014EC Ma Ndryshe published additional evidence of the urban chaos in the city of Prishtina indicating irregularities ...More
Pavements of Prishtina still occupied 03 December 2014To identify the level at which the areas dedicated for the movement of pedestrians in general are occupied...More