Public institutions should stop intimidation of whistleblowers21 August 2015Through this letter we express our deep concern with the treatment of whistleblowers by public institutions in...More
With public art against degrading of Prizren 11 August 2015The works in two artistic interventions, part of EC Ma Ndryshe project “Urban and cultural activism in Prizren” that tries to...More
The portal in service of Prizren citizens activism05 August 2015EC Ma Ndryshe on Wednesday launched the portal, which is dedicated to...More
Demolition of Mullafazliu family Inn, another failure in protection of Prizren heritage04 August 2015EC Ma Ndryshe reacts against demolition of Mullafazliu family Inn, an action occurred with...More
Alternative boards to preserve trees 01 August 2015Initiated from concerns of citizens, environmentalists and institutional officials on damage of trees in city center, as a result of ...More
Prizren Municipality has to strengthen the control and monitoring of building permits31 July 2015Within the project for monitoring and development in sector of Prizren urbanism, EC Ma Ndryshe has reviewed...More
Sidewalk is not a parking place 24 July 2015On Friday, EC Ma Ndryshe has organized a public performance “how many m2 a parking lot?!”More
Big Municipalities with great challenges in governing 22 July 2015Within the project “Index of the Reform on Municipal Transparency”, EC Ma Ndryshe has reviewed the...More