The Municipality of Prizren prepares the project for the "Shaip Spahiu" road without inclusiveness

The practice of developing projects for interventions in public spaces of the city, without consulting all stakeholders from the early stages, continues to be applied by the Municipality of Prizren. The latest example is the project for the "Shaip Spahiu" road, which was recently presented to a small number of residents and businesses of this road.

"EC Ma Ndryshe" has been calling for years for the municipal authorities to change this approach and to apply inclusivity in planning, especially in public spaces, as they are used by different groups in the community. The lack of involvement of all stakeholders in planning is resulting in projects that are not sustainable.

EC reiterates its call to the municipal authorities of Prizren to view public participation as a process in which citizens are involved in decision-making, identifying problems, and opportunities for development. The involvement of the public in planning contributes to the construction of more sustainable and adaptable development solutions for the interests of different stakeholders. Additionally, this process strengthens local democracy, trust in public institutions, the sense of ownership for public spaces, and empowers the community and active citizenship. Therefore, EC recommends that the Municipality of Prizren change its approach and develop projects for interventions in public spaces in consultation with all stakeholders from the early stages.