Municipal Transparency Reform Index is published21 April 2016EC Ma Ndryshe published the Municipal Transparency Reform Index, within which are presented the results of 13 relevant groups of indicators which show the level of transparency during 2015 in the municipalities of...More
State institutions are building without permit in the center of Prizren 12 April 2016Construction work in the Historic Centre of Prizren continues to be carried out without the permit of the municipal authorities and without the consent of the bodies ...More
The monument undermined by fire to be placed under control of competent institution 09 April 2016The building of the Con-Cathedral “Lady Help”, which is an asset included in the List of Cultural Heritage under Temporary Protection of MCYS as part of the...More
Another cultural heritage monument damaged by fire15 March 2016Protected facilities of cultural heritage within the Historic Centre of Prizren continue to be destroyed, whereas the responsible institutions still did not find appropriate methods for their preservation.More
Lack of institutional coordination is stimulating degradation06 March 2016Institutions responsible for preserving the values of Historic Centre of Prizren have not established a proper system for coordinating the tasks among them, as well as...More
Cultural heritage: an untold story03 March 2016EC Ma Ndryshe today published the analysis "Cultural heritage: an untold story" which aims to review Kosovo’s primary...More
Insults should not take place in public services02 March 2016EC Ma Ndryshe reacts to offensive language that was used on Tuesday by the Director of Public Services in Prizren, Mr. Hasan Hasani in communication with...More
Auditor's Reports not yet published 22 February 2016The reports of the auditor general for financial statements of 2014 are published in the official websites only by two...More