Municipalities in 2015 with unpaid obligations and with fewer revenues from property tax26 July 2016NGO EC Ma Ndryshe has published the infographics regarding the budget performance of the municipalities that it monitors.More
Failed Legalization of Illegal Constructions 11 July 2016The Law for Treatment of Constructions without Permit that entered into force in early 2014 has failed to fulfill its purpose. Thus the process launched two years ago to legalize illegal constructions has actually...More
Municipalities of Kosovo collected less income from property tax in the first quarter04 July 2016Quarterly financial report for the budget of the Republic of Kosovo, developed by the Ministry of Finances, shows that municipalities of Kosovo marked a...More
Open letter of civil society organizations to the Government of Kosovo for the mandate of Mayor Ramadan Muja23 June 2016The local government in the Municipality of Prizren violates every principle of good governance and legal standard of the constitution.More
Parliamentary debate to demand accountability for the tragedy in Prizren17 June 2016We request from you to take the initiative in the Assembly of Kosovo for including in the agenda of the next parliamentary session the case of the...More
Citizens from different parts of Kosovo will attend tomorrow’s protest in Prizren 14 June 2016The protest of the citizens seeking for the accountability of the local and central institutions on the death of the three-year-old Xheneta Gashi will ...More
EC stops contact with authorities whom considers responsible for the tragedy13 June 2016Due to the last week tragedy in the Historic Centre of Prizren, for which the competent authorities have not yet taken legal and moral ...More
Negligence to heritage caused a tragedy06 June 2016Based on the statements of officials of Regional Police in Prizren, due to the collapse of an old house in the Historic Center of Prizren, on Monday, a child was killed and two others have been injured. More