Open letter of civil society organizations to the Government of Kosovo for the mandate of Mayor Ramadan Muja

The local government in the Municipality of Prizren violates every principle of good governance and legal standard of the constitution.

The Mayor of the municipality of Prizren is coming to the end of its mandate as a mayor convicted for abuse of official duty. As far as the Mayor Ramadan Muja decided to not resign but wait for the decision of the second instance, and perhaps even of the Supreme Court; the governance in this municipality has been degraded to criminal governance. This week, a senior official of the Municipality of Prizren was sentenced to three years of effective imprisonment for abuse of official duty. Two weeks ago, due to the negligence of the local authorities, a three year old girl lost her life as a result of the collapse of the building in the historic centre of Prizren. The Municipality of Prizren is continuously allowing the destruction of cultural heritage facilities in the city of Prizren. The Mayor Muja is one of the few officials whom the foreign countries diplomatic representatives refuse to meet. Find the letter here.