Citizens from different parts of Kosovo will attend tomorrow’s protest in Prizren

The protest of the citizens seeking for the accountability of the local and central institutions on the death of the three-year-old Xheneta Gashi will have two demands: the resignation of the Mayor of Prizren and two ministers of the Kosovo Government, Minister of Culture and Minister of Spatial Planning, as well as prosecution of all institutional officials in charge, who caused this tragedy due to failure of taking the necessary actions.
Many organizations from different cities of Kosovo have responded to the call for protest in Prizren, in order to seek for accountability for the last week's tragedy. So far, the following organizations have declared their support and  will join the protest in Prizren: Kosovo Civil Society Foundation - KCSF, GAP institute, Initiative for Progress - INPO, Kosovo Centre for Security Studies - KCSS, Forum for Civic Initiatives - FIQ, Anibar, Group for Legal and Political Studies - GLPS, FOL Movement, Centre for Policy and Advocacy - CPA, Syri i Vizionit, Institute for Development Policy - INDEP, Student Political Club, Democracy for Development Institute - D4D, Interviews Kosova, BIRN Kosovo, 7 Arte and Integra.
We demand that the institutional negligence that resulted in the last week's tragedy be discussed as a separate item on the agenda at the next session of the Assembly of Kosovo. Herewith, we call on all the members of the Assembly coming from Prizren to take the initiative for a parliamentary debate on the tragedy of Prizren as soon as possible.
Furthermore, we join the call of Xheneta Gashi's mother, requesting justice for her daughter's death and consider her refusal to accept financial help from the Municipality of Prizren as a very dignified stance. Hereby, we call on all people of good will for solidarity with Xheneta's mother, who appealed for help from citizens in order to ensure a safe roof over their heads.
Her stance is a call on all citizens, who tomorrow with their participation in the protest will seek accountability from state institutions for this tragedy.
The protest will be held on Wednesday, 15 June 2016, at the Shadërvan Square in Prizren, and it starts at 12:00 (noon). With regards to upcoming actions of this group of organizations, citizens will be informed immediately after the tomorrow's protest.
On behalf of the NGOs organizing the protest,
EC Ma Ndryshe