For 7 months, 8 law violations have been recorded by the biggest Municipal Assemblies of Kosovo

In the assemblies of big municipalities of Kosovo during seven months of 2016, eight cases of decision-making were not in accordance with the legislation in force. During the period of January-July 2016, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Local Government Administration(MLGA), in the MA  of Pristina three law violations were found, while in Gjakova and Ferizaj two, and in the MA of Prizren one law violation, and on the other side in Peja, Gjilan and south Mitrovica were no violations recorded.
According to the information obtained by MLGA, the MA of Pristina has revised three decisions within the legal deadlines, Gjakova has revised one and the other one not, Prizren has revised the one decision that they had, while the MA of Ferizaj had yet time available to revised the two decisions. Read press release.