A city for the Community22 December 2015Tuseday 22 December 2015, the “EC Ma Ndryshe” held a conference and exhibition titled “A city for the Community,” whereby, presented the...More
Green containers for a better city21 December 2015“EC Ma Ndryshe” conducted a public performance titled "Green Containers" in order to convey f a message for no littering and more care for public spaces.More
Major municipalities in Kosovo with less property tax revenue16 December 2015The nine-month financial report for the budget of the Republic of Kosovo, drafted by the Ministry of Finance, highlights the fact...More
Draft-Regulation for Public Participation in Spatial Planning15 December 2015Municipality of Prizren organized the first public discussion related to the proposal for regulation for participation of public in spatial planning. More
It is published the visioning of cyclist path in Prizren02 December 2015Organization EC Ma Ndryshe published on Wednesday the visioning "Cyclists Path", an activity which conveyed...More
Law violations in neighbouring Municipal Assemblies of Prizren 25 November 2015Neighbouring Municipal Assemblies of Prizren, during this year, in certain cases, have made decisions that are not in accordance with...More
First cycle of School for European Integration completed24 November 2015The third module on public participation in spatial planning ended the first cycle of the School on Urban Planning and Development held in Ohrid...More
The situation in the Historic Centre of Prizren is more severe than that concluded in the Progress Report 17 November 2015The situation in the Historic Centre of Prizren has not marked any significant change during this year. Moreover...More