The Authorities must supervise every construction activity in the Historic Center17 October 2017The practice of damaging old valuable buildings in the Historic Center of Prizren is continuing.More
The government should draft a state agenda for the cultural heritage19 September 2017Groups of citizens and civil society organizations, in the last few months, in several cities of Kosovo have given concrete evidence of activism for...More
The sidewalk that obstructs the freedom of movement29 August 2017EC Ma Ndryshe has realized the public performance on the square in front of the Post Office building in Prizren respectively "Freedom Monument", whereby they expressed the dissatisfaction of placing the...More
Performance in the river for more green spaces28 August 2017During the days of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Prizren, EC Ma Ndryshe and the Autostrada Bienale have organized the public performance for the use of greenery and the Lumëbardhi river bank.More
Justice for Xheneta08 August 2017The Basic Prosecution in Prizren on 13 July 2017 has announced that it has filed an indictment against the accused B.E., due to criminal offenses, causing general danger and...More
The Municipality of Prizren contracts the cable car despite the rejection of the project by the cultural heritage authorities21 July 2017The competent bodies of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports have rejected the conceptual project presented by the Municipality of Prizren for the construction of ...More
The community starts implementing the vision for Pirana village park11 July 2017This version of this proposal was drafted after a number of meetings and many discussions with the village headship as well as various village community groups. More
The vision of Kej in service of the community was presented28 June 2017The vision for reconstructing the public space along the river (Kej) in Prizren was presented on Tuesday evening to residents of this neighbourhood and other participants. The first version of this proposal has been...More