Urbanism of Prizren with a low percentage of revenues in 201603 May 2017The Directorate of Urbanism and Spatial Planning in the Municipality of Prizren has realized a low percentage of revenues during...More
Extensive mobilization for a Prizren which is accessible for all25 April 2017EC Ma Ndryshe in partnership with the Organization of Persons with Muscular Dystrophy in Kosovo on Tuesday signed a memorandum of...More
Gjakova and Prishtina transparency leaders 19 April 2017EC Ma Ndryshe has published the Municipal Transparency Reform Index, which reflects the results of 13 relevant indicator...More
Accessible sidewalks for all18 March 2017EC Ma Ndryshe in association with OPDMK, on Saturday, has conducted the public performance "Accessible sidewalks for all", through which activities has reacted to the negligence and inaction of the municipal authorities...More
The sidewalk in service of pedestrians and the neighborhood community 03 March 2017EC Ma Ndryshe on Friday has conducted the public performance "The sidewalk as a public space", through which activity has reacted to the phenomenon...More
Institutions confirm the barriers of the People with disabilities, and they pledge to eliminate them26 January 2017EC Ma Ndryshe and OPDMK on Thursday organized the conference "A city without barriers", where they discussed the many barriers faced by the people...More
The archeological discovery in Sheshi i Lidhjes is left without safeguards against frost10 January 2017The archeological discovery in Sheshi Lidhjes also during this winter is left without safeguards against frost. This archeological site has remained...More
Symbolic prosecutions of illegal constructions and Cultural Heritage damage30 December 2016Judicial institutions have been activated to review cases dealing with illegal constructions and cultural heritage damage in Prizren, although statistics for...More