What kind of treatment for Diaspora?23 July 2014Transparency Forum, on Tuesday evening in Prizren, held the fourth round of the “Confront” debate on the topic...More
Restoration of Xhamia e Çarshisë (Bazaar Mosque) in Prishtina shall not see its completion this year either21 July 2014Within the “Online Transparency” project, EC Ma Ndryshe, during June and July...More
The analysis “Youth and Transparency: Progress or stagnation?” published19 July 2014On Friday evening in Prizren EC Ma Ndryshe organized a debate “Merr pjesë n’iftar për rininë dhe transparencën!” More
Closed Municipality18 July 2014The municipality of Prizren has continued to show poor performance in handling the demands of citizens.More
Ramadan Muja, the only fenced off mayor in Kosovo 14 July 2014In April of this year, Transparency Forum has urged the mayor of Prizren, Ramadan Muja, to reopen the meetings with municipal directors for representatives of the media and civil society.More
Transparency of local governance in Prizren06 July 2014On July 3rd in Prizren, Transparency Forum held the third discussion of the “Confront” series of debates on the topic “Transparency of local government in Prizren”More
Region of Lumëbardhi’s river source at risk from the Municipality of Prizren 02 July 2014Within the project of transparency oversight of Prizren’s municipal government, EC Ma Ndryshe, during the months May–June has looked at the issue...More
EC Ma Ndryshe organized an informative visit for citizens at the Basic Court of Prizren27 June 2014Within the “Linking communities to justice providers” project, EC Ma Ndryshe has organized...More