Authorities Share Responsibility for the Collapse of Kalaja (Fortress) Wall 26 May 2015Over the two past months EC Ma Ndryshe investigated the frontal wall collapse of the...More
Regional Conference on Cultural Activism in Prizren21 May 2015The conference entitled “Cultural Activism and City” will take place thisMore
Our Common Heritage16 May 2015Today the Program on Heritage and Diversity held the event “Our Common Heritage’’, which was organized within the...More
Promotion of Regional Heritage Plan for Region South15 May 2015Today, the Council of Europe and Heritage and Diversity Program (HDP) held the promotional event ...More
The request for bicycle tracks has been submitted 15 May 2015On 15 May 2015 the request for bicycle tracks has been submitted to the...More
Inhabitants get explanations from the responsible officials of water utility13 May 2015Inhabitants of “Bazhdaranë” neighborhood in Prizren, who for several years are being faced with...More
Cyclist Community of Prizren Pedals for Tracks 09 May 2015In the public performance “Drive a Bicycle” organized by EC Ma Ndryshe, within the...More
Statistical Data on the (In)justice in Prizren Urban Planning are Published 07 May 2015EC Ma Ndryshe published a short analysis called “(In)justice in Prizren Urban Planning?”, showing through statistical data the failure of... More