The urban transport in Prizren has now infographics12 November 2016Within the creation of the Platform for Urban Transport in Prizren, EC Ma Ndryshe has designed infographics respectively maps for the transit bus lines, the timetable of these lines, infographics on transit bus stops and...More
Public spaces for everyone25 October 2016EC and OPMDK held the next workshop with the topic "Public spaces for everyone", part of the project "Prizren, a city without barriers". This workshop is an attempt to find practical solutions to the problems of people...More
The vision for "Jeta e Re" neighbourhood21 October 2016The conceptualizing workshop “The vision for ‘Jeta e Re’ neighbourhood” was developed within the “Inclusive City" project, which aims to articulate the needs of community groups and transform...More
We request bike lanes for the city of Prizren30 September 2016EC Ma Ndryshe in cooperation with the community of cyclists on Friday has effectuated the performance "We request bike paths for the cyclists.” Through this activity, we have reacted to the passivity of the current...More
For 7 months, 8 law violations have been recorded by the biggest Municipal Assemblies of Kosovo 31 August 2016In the assemblies of big municipalities of Kosovo during seven months of 2016, eight cases of decision-making were not in accordance...More
The Municipality of Prizren has not implemented the Auditor’s recommendation for the building permits 26 August 2016The Municipality of Prizren has failed to establish effective controls and proper monitoring during the treatment of construction cases...More
The degradation of the built heritage in Prizren continues13 August 2016The demolition of old houses in the city of Prizren has taken worrying proportions. Another house located within the protected radius of St. Friday Church began to be demolished during this weekendMore
Two months after the tragic death of Xheneta Gashi, we have no indictment or resignation 06 August 2016Two months after the tragic death of three years old Xheneta Gashi, on the street "Marin Barleti" in Prizren, institutions of various powers have shown tepid...More