Municipality removes the barrier placed in the middle of the pavement19 March 2018Municipality of Prizren has taken actions on removing the obstacle placed between the pavement in the square in front of the Post Office in Prizren...More
Mayor Haskuka should not forget about electoral promises16 March 2018Mayor of Prizren, Mytaher Haskuka in the first months of his government has failed to fulfill the promises given during the pre-election campaign in terms...More
KEDS ignores the citizens08 March 2018Many electric poles around the city are in a bad condition and pose a danger to the citizens of Prizren.More
The House of Hisari Family demolished06 March 2018In the Historic Center of Prizren the House of Hisari Family which was protected by the Law for the ...More
A new case of building permit excess in the Historic Center of Prizren01 February 2018The practice of not respecting the consents of the cultural heritage authorities and the construction permit issued by...More
Another excess of building permit at the Historic Center of Prizren26 January 2018The practice of not respecting the consent of the cultural heritage authorities during construction activities at the...More
RCCH finds excess of building permit, whereas DI says that the case is in process18 January 2018The Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren a month ago identified an excess of a building permit for the...More
The series of presentations in university and middle schools have finished10 January 2018EC has completed the series of presentations in high schools and universities, part of the 'Reclaiming the City' project.More