The pollution and degradation of the rivers should come to a halt10 December 2019The principles for sustainable management of the rivers of the Municipality of Prizren are not fully respected by the responsible institutions. As a result, the rivers of this municipality are facing pollution and...More
Ecological intervention on "Shefqet Shkupi" road in prishtina10 December 2019EC Ma Ndryshe has met with residents of "Shefqet Shkupi" street in Pristina who during the discussions expressed some of their concerns regarding the neighborhood where they live.More
For inclusive public spaces19 April 2019Today, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Municipality of Prizren, represented by the...More
Construction Sector in Kosovo10 January 2019EC Ma Ndryshe has conducted an analysis titled "Construction Sector in Kosovo". This analysis gives an overview of...More
LOCAL AND EXECUTIVE INSTITUTIONS MUST UNIFY THEIR ACTIONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND URBANISTIC ORDER IN PRIZREN26 December 2018Head local and executive institutions have still not unified their actions in between themselves for the enforcement of law and order in the urban aspect in Prizren, as in the center protected by law, so too in the other...More
EC CONTINUES WITH THE PRESENTATIONS SESSION IN THE HIGHSCHOOLS OF KOSOVO24 December 2018Ec has continued holding the presentations session in the highschools of Kosovo, as part of the project "RuralAct- youth activism in the rural areas of Kosovo". The informative presentations have been held throughout...More
NEW COLLABORATION AGREEMENT FOR THE PROTECTION AND PROMOTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE19 December 2018Our finances director Admir Istrefi, has signed in the name of Ec Ma Ndryshe the agreement for collaboration with UNDP Kosovo, for the new project of the organization, which is a continuance of our efforts for the...More
THE REALIZATION OF THE INITIATIVE "SOFTEN THE WINTER A BIT"17 December 2018The initiative "Soften the winter a bit" has been implemented- the idea for its realization came from a student of the Activism School, Leonita Krasniqi. The action for the collecting of clothes for people in need had...More