Mayor Bütüç appoints the first deputy mayor and directors of local Government06 March 2014Within the “Transparency Online of Prizren and Mamusha Municipalities” project EC Ma Ndryshe attended at the first meeting of the mayor of Mamusha...More
Civil Society and Local Democracy “Dry throat and deaf ear”05 March 2014EC Ma Ndryshe, on March 5, has organized the conference "Civil society and local democracy: dry throat and deaf ear." The conference was held within the project "Online Transparency of PrizrenMore
Delays in the appointment of Municipal Directors –Inexcusable message to the citizens01 February 2014EC Ma Ndryshe is tracking with a concern the delays in the process of the appointment of municipal directors of Prizren. More
Municipality of Prizren releases findings of the research30 January 2014Following the publication of the EC Ma Ndryshe’s press release wherein it was sought from the Municipality of Prizren to publish the data of the research contracted from the Directorate...More
MEST re-names the school of Mamusa16 January 2014As part of monitoring the work of the municipal executive of Mamuşa/Mamushë, EC Ma Ndryshe has reviewed the issue of re-naming of the Lower Secondary School in this municipality back in May. More
A roundtable “Who Guards the Guardians?”12 November 2013Forum 2015 has organized a roundtable for disclosing the study “Who Guards the Guardians?” More
Debate “Environment and Urban Planning in Prizren”30 October 2013The cycle of debates within the project “INCLUSIVE CITY – Participatory Planning for Sustainable Urban Development in Prizren” was concluded today on 30 October 2013 with the debate“Environment ...More
Debate “Culture and Urban Planning in Prizren”23 October 2013The sixth in the cycle of debates within the “INCLUSIVE CITY – Participatory Planning for Sustainable Urban Development in Prizren” project was a debate “Culture and Urban Planning in Prizren”.More