Regional development through cultural tourism in Prizren

The project will be implemented in Prizren municipality, with selected extension to region’s other municipalities (Dragash, Rahovec, Mamushe, Malisheve and Suhareke).

The overall objective of the project is to support the local and regional economic development efforts in Economic Region South by structuring and enriching the cultural tourism offer of the region through new and unique products and services.

The specific objectives of the project:

  • To support Prizren municipality in structuring and enriching its tourism offer to strengthen the capacities for receiving the increased number of tourists,
  • To introduce new tourist information products and services covering six municipalities of the Economic Region South,
  • To identify and promote the cultural tourism potential of the Economic Region South based on cultural heritage, cultural events, natural attractions, local cuisine and related services,
  • To strengthen the cooperation of relevant tourist operators and stakeholders to initiate new joint actions that will promote the tourism potential of the Economic Region South,
  • To support employment generation through involving of small businesses in providing tourism services in six municipalities of the Economic Region South.

The following activities will be carried out in the project:

  • Operations Manual
  • Launching conference.
  • Match-making event
  • Inventory of cultural heritage sites
  • Drafting the narratives of the sites
  • Production of tourist guides/packages 
  • Translation of products
  • Catalogue of South
  • Electronic tourist guides (Cicero)
  •  Opening of Tourist Info Point
  • Transportation service for tourists