With public art against degrading of Prizren

The works in two artistic interventions, part of EC Ma Ndryshe project “Urban and cultural activism in Prizren” that tries to attract the attention of public and state institutions through creative methods, have ended. After the first promotion “Love bridge” in May, two following creations “I am monument” and “Inverse analogy” have taken their places in the public areas of the city. 

Artistic intervention “I AM MONUMENT” of Senat Haliti aims to return the old Arasta physically, through phantom volumetric of covered bridge. The form through simplicity tries to bring back the good memory of former Arasta, while the PVC material through complexity in itself talks about the bleakness and bitter reality which is suffocating Prizren city. I AM MONUMENT is a homage for the center in  disappearance, pride of Prizren, bridges and all other that this beautiful part of the city sometimes  ago was harboring in its bosom, and it doesn’t  have them today. This creation is a call for responsible state institutions and for citizens to open their eyes against the bitter reality and act to protect cultural values of Prizren city.  Read press release.