Undefined boundaries, the main issue of “Historic Centre” of Prishtina

Last month, within the “Online Transparency” project, EC Ma Ndryshe has published its study report “Historic Centre of Prishtina counts its last days”, in which, amongst others, significant issues are exposed related to its missing legal protection, preceded by its undefined boundaries. The entire report “Historic Centre of Prishtina counts its last days” can be read here.

These issues, among all other developments, appear to be the most critical and, concurrently, creating greater opportunity for continuation of its degradation, and also one of the reasons why this zone is brought into the state in which is found today. This zone appears in different documents with various names, which illustrates the unsustainable approach to the treatment of this Historic Centre. Even though Historic Centre is often referred to as the Historic Zone of Prishtina, actually it is not defined as such at all. Read press release.