To Review the Legislation on Municipal Officials Having Problems with the Law

At the round table “Good Governance and Officials Having Problems with the Law”, held today in Prizren, it was pointed out that officials having problems with the law, namely with justice authorities, cannot offer good governance. Initiation of investigations, charges and judicial proceedings against them shake the public trust, which in turn brings further degradation of accountability and responsibility principles towards the citizens.       

The panelists on today’s round table of the Transparency Forum were Fisnik Korenica from the Group for Political and Legal Studies, and Valbona Musliu, journalist and member of Transparency Forum. The round table was moderated by Kreshnik Basha. The discussion was focused on the practices employed so far throughout Kosovo municipalities showing that elected public officials as a consequence of grounded suspicion for the abuse of authority initially had to be faced with investigations, and later on with trials, but almost none of them left the public position, even in cases when guilty decisions were issued against these officials. Read press release.