The elderly of Prizren excluded from urban planning

The elderly have asked that plans and projects dealing with this community not to be protracted in budget projections, but they must be launched as soon as possible. As the main requirement they emphasized again the building of Elder's House, House/Museum of teacher, facilitation of the road traffic in several different neighborhoods of the city, also facilitation in urban and inter-urban traffic, creation of public toilets, greater care for Veterans Education Association, they demanded also to resolve the issue of regular supply of drinking water.

Municipal representatives have encouraged them, they said that they will formalize those requirements and will present them in debates with the mayor. All of these requirements will be incorporated into the EC Ma Ndryshe reports which will be submitted to the Municipality, and will monitor their involvement in public policy and budgetary projections. This discussion was part of a cycle of debates "Participatory Urban Planning 2014", carried out with the support of the Olof Palme International Center.