The Court shall render justice in Muja’s case at a reasonable time limit

The Forum "Transparenca" through this public reaction invokes the judiciary of Kosovo to take into consideration the provisions of the Constitution, namely, International Conventions on Human Rights related to adjudication within reasonable time in the case of the Mayor of Prizren and five of his accomplices.

This Forum recalls that this case is entering its third year before the court. The judicial proceedings in the case of senior officials of the Municipality of Prizren started on 25th of March 2013, at the Basic Court of Prizren. This Court on 13th of March 2014 had convicted the Mayor of Prizren, Ramadan Muja and his five accomplices for misuse of official duty and exceeding of authority, according to four counts of the indictments presented by EULEX Prosecution Office. On 22nd of July 2015, the Court of Appeals set aside the challenged judgment of the Basic Court and returned the case for retrial to the First Instance Court. While, on 26th of November 2015 a mixed panel of judges of the Supreme Court of Kosovo repealed the decision of the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals amended the decision by which the case was returned for retrial. Now the case is returned to the Court of Appeals for review by another panel. Read press release.