The analysis “Youth and Transparency: Progress or stagnation?” published

On Friday evening in Prizren EC Ma Ndryshe organized a debate “Merr pjesë n’iftar për rininë dhe transparencën!” (Attend to iftar for youth and transparency!), within which the second analysis “Youth and Transparency: Progress or stagnation?” was published as a sequel of the first survey “Youth and Transparency: Excluded or ignored?” In addition, a documentary “How active, so transparent?” on the youth activism and transparency of the municipality was screened during this debate.  

As panellists in this discussion attended Kujtim Gashi, Chairman of Prizren Municipal Assembly and Leotrim Gërmizaj, Head of Local Youth Action Council in Prizren, whereas participants in this discussion were municipal officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations, the youth, university and secondary school students of Prizren. Read press release.