“Silent Balkans” documentary wins the Focal International Award

The “Silent Balkans” documentary was announced FOCAL International award winner, a documentary produced by Anemon within “A Balkan Tale” project, in cooperation with four NGOs from the Balkans (NGO Emancipimi Civil Ma Ndryshe/EC Ma Ndryshe, Albanian Fund for Monuments/Fondi Shqiptar për Monumentet, Remont and the Center for Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Rural Development - CeproSARD). The aim of the documentary is to raise awareness on the need for promoting the Ottoman heritage, which marks the crucial period of cultural development of the peoples of the Balkans, presenting a unique rendition of the common Ottoman past of the Balkan region.


The story on how the coexistence of different peoples during the Ottoman Empire ended up with the rise of nationalisms and conflict. A documentary released in seven local languages and based on the original photographic images and films on the centenary of the Balkan Wars, narrates the history of these waged wars (1912-1914) from a regional perspective rather than from the national one. Watch the documentary here.