Public Parking Places in Prishtina Continue to Pose Problem for the City

Within “Online Transparency” Project, EC Ma Ndryshe over the period of several months followed the developments related to widely promoted project of public parking spaces. Its designing aimed at resolving the heavy traffic in the Prishtina city was introduced to the public  by the Municipality of Prishtina in August last year. Back then Municipality hired experts from the Traffic Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty to make an inventory of existing parking places, both public and private, at the city center area. Public company “Prishtina Parking” is expected to manage this parking space, the establishment of which was voted in the Prishtina Municipal Assembly meeting held on 29 September 2014.

The establishment of this company was disputed by the Ministry of Local Government Administration stating that “decision on the establishment of Public Enterprise ‘Prishtina Parking’, with its headquarters in Prishtinë, is not in full compliance with Article 6 of the Law on Amendments and Supplements of Law on Public Enterprises, and with Article 6.3 and 6.4 of  the Government Regulation on the Criteria for the Establishment of Local Public Companies and Municipal Participation at the Board of Directors of Regional Enterprises.  Read press release.