Park in the neighborhood "Bazhdarhana" now regulated

In the regular meetings organized by EC with the residents of the neighborhood Bazhdarhana, as a request of the latter was the functionalization of the park located in this neighborhood, namely on the street "Ahmet Prishtina". EC, after consultation with the residents regarding their requests, had visioned the proposals that came out of them. The main requirements were about increasing the greenery, the placement of the seats, lighting, the regulation of the playground for children, and the imposition of obstacles against the parking of cars on the sidewalk.

These proposals issued by the residents themselves had been submitted to the Municipality of Prizren and after that, the Directorate of Public Services intervened in the terrain. According to municipal officials this is only the first phase of the works and in the next stages will be placed more stable obstacles against car parking on sidewalks, the number of planted flowers will be increased and a larger number of the seats will be placed.