Municipality of Prizren Closed 2014 with Outstanding Bills Amounting to EUR 2.2 Million

Within the project of Prizren Municipal Executive Transparency Monitoring, during February EC Ma Ndryshe analyzed the Annual Financial Report of the municipality of Prizren for January-December 2014.     

Annual Financial Report of the Directorate of Economy and Finance (DEF) shows that last year Municipality of Prizren continued with its budget performance shortcomings, since it concluded 2014 with more than EUR 2.2 million of outstanding debts. Balance of outstanding invoices (liabilities) of the municipality of Prizren shows that in the economic category of capital investments, the debt reached the approximate amount of EUR 1.9 million, while the outstanding debt for goods and services is EUR 124,000. Debt for public utilities is EUR 46,000, while for subsidies is EUR 10,000. Read press release.