Municipalities should increase control over the costs of representation and fuel

Municipalities of Kosovo have no written policies for expenses of representation or sufficient controls for fuel consumption. According to a document of the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) (access to the link:  http://oag-, even large municipalities are no exception in this regard. Therefore the majority of them appear on the list of the 'luxury' consumers, based on financial statements 2014.

The auditor indicated that the entire total of the expenditure for representation namely official lunches, higher costs were recorded in municipalities: 1. Prizren, 2. Gjilan, 3. Gjakovë, 4. Vushtrri, 5. Pejë, and so forth. These municipalities all together have spent over 300 thousand Euros from 735 thousand Euros spent by 34 municipalities in Kosovo. Read press release.