Municipal Information Strategy was Non-Inclusively Drafted

Municipality of Prizren initiated the drafting of Municipal Information, Communication and Civic Participation Strategy. In its pre-final version that was distributed by Prizren Municipality Information Office, the part where the Methodology is described, page 15, says “Strategy was drafted through a wide inclusion process, involving representatives of relevant municipal authorities, civil society organizations and media”.

While page 14 explains that “a workshop was initially held with the participation of all stakeholders, where the fields to be addressed within the Strategy were identified. In addition, a comprehensive analysis of relevant problems was made”. Further on, it says that “a working group is established to draft the strategy and action plan for the Municipality of Prizren, which is composed of municipality representatives, CSOs, NGOs and relevant field experts, as well as relevant municipal authorities, such as ZIP, Legal Office and European Integration Office”. In addition, it should also be mentioned that “representatives of information offices from other municipalities were also consulted…”. Read press release.