Local youth action council appointed in Mamusha

EC Ma Ndryshe, as part of its “Online Transparency of Prizren, Prishtina and Mamusha Municipalities” project, attended a meeting with the mayor of Mamusha, Arif Bütüç, and municipal directors, during which several decisions have been adopted.

According to Article 13 of the Law on Local Self-Government No. 03/L-040 the mayor of Mamusha in February accepted a decision regarding the acknowledgment of the Local Youth Action Council of Mamusha. The Council will function as an advisory structure for youth organizations operating in the municipality of Mamusha, with the aim of representing the interests of youth organizations in Mamusha municipal institutions. According to the law and administrative instruction, it is the Council’s responsibility and duty to empower youth organizations in this municipality and to build a common vision for the young people of Mamusha. This Council carries out its functions in accordance to the Law on Empowerment and Participation of Youth No. 03/L-145, Administrative Instruction No. 9.2010, Statute of the Council and Rules of Procedure. LYAC shall be headed by Mirat Bütüç, chairperson, Berna Mazrek, deputy chairperson, Mevlyde Bütüç, secretary, and Serdar Thaç, account clerk. Read press release