Kosovo cities yielding to the loss of collective memory

On the evening of the 24th of June, 2014, a discussion panel was held in Prizren in order to address the potentials of activism in regards to protecting cultural heritage sites across Kosovo. This particular forum was titled “Cultural Heritage and Activism,” and several individuals gave their take on the situation. Panel members included Vesel Hoxhaj from the Council on Cultural Heritage of Prizren, Rozafa Basha from EC Ma Ndryshe, Eliza Hoxha who is an architect, and Hasan Hoti from the Regional Cultural Heritage Centre in Prizren. The panel was moderated by Fisnik Minci, a journalist of the “Koha Ditore” daily paper. Over the course of this forum, the panellists and participants deliberated on the need and ways of organizing the citizens to safeguard Kosovo’s cities from urban degradation. For more read press release