Institutions confirmed the urban degradation in the Historic Centre of Prizren

The members of the Task Force for the Historic Centre of Prizren conducted the fifth meeting, whereby they reviewed the information from the Secretariat, respectively from the municipal Departments regarding 47 cases of construction, after the adoption of the Law on PCC. In context of discussions, institutional representatives that are part of the Task Force confirmed the urban degradation in this area. According to them, there are failures to comply with different types of urban permits in the vast majority of buildings or interventions. 
The RCCH representative stressed that in 90 percent of cases there are failures to comply with the permits of DUSP, whether consisting of major or minor violations. While, Municipal Inspectorate listed several cases of failure to comply with the permit of more stories than supposed and with the overall dimensions, in the meanwhile there were 9 more extreme cases of violations of urban requirements in this area confirmed, which are constructions that existed before the approval of the law on PCC.

The representatives from the MESP have indicated that handling of all cases should be carried out in accordance with the law, aiming to stop the trend of degradation, as well as the awareness of the citizens and institutional officials for the preservation of cultural heritage in CSP.

The information about financial incentives is requested to be presented during the next meeting, so the objects will be saved from the ravages and degradation, while there will be discussions also about the strengthening of the KTC in Prizren and of the Office for the Historic Centre of Prizren.

EC Ma Ndryshe participates in Task Force meetings in capacity of the monitor.