Inhabitants get explanations from the responsible officials of water utility

Inhabitants of “Bazhdaranë” neighborhood in Prizren, who for several years are being faced with water supply reductions, have received some explanations by the responsible officials of water supply utility “Hidroregjioni Jugor”. This meeting was held on Wednesday and facilitated by EC Ma Ndryshe, within the project “Inclusive City...”, funded by Olof Palme International Center (OPIC) that is supported by the Government of Sweden.

The meeting was held several weeks after the inhabitants of this neighborhood submitted the petition at the Prizren municipal public water utility “Hidroregjioni Jugor”, whereby they requested that this long lasting problem be finally resolved.   

The KRU “Hidroregjioni Jugor” officials explained the technical aspects of water reduction schedule for several apartment buildings in “Bazhdaranë” neighborhood and pointed out that after receiving the petition, they had joint meeting with Prizren municipal authorities aimed at addressing this issue. At the same time, they gave some details to the inhabitants on the short term and long term measures foreseen to be undertaken in resolving this issue.   

On the other hand, inhabitants requested that communication with KRU “Hidroregjioni Jugor” officials should continue.

“Inclusive City...” is a three-year project of EC Ma Ndryshe that aims to articulate the needs of community groups and translate them into feasible urban plans of Prizren municipality. 

Community groups involved in this Project are distributed in different city neighborhoods. Advocacy and cooperation with Prizren municipal authorities, namely with the Directorate of Urban and Spatial Planning, is going on at the same time. This process is aimed to provide for inclusion of citizens’ requests into city urban planning