Inadequacy of laws for protection of Historic Center of Prizren

EC Ma Ndryshe organized a workshop “Inadequacy of laws”, which took place on April 15th, 2014, in Prizren. This workshop was conducted within the “Urbanism Watch – Urbanism of Prizren under Constant Watch” project, financially supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS).

The purpose of this workshop was to present the draft analysis on the legal framework for protection of the Historic Centre of Prizren and to provide a general diagnosis for the cultural heritage sector in Prizren. In more concrete terms, the workshop will analyse the institutional and civic responsibility in relation to the protection of cultural heritage. Eventually, the workshop will tend to produce a list of specific recommendations that will be further addressed to all relevant stakeholders (including central level government).
The workshop is intended as a closed meeting and there are invited 15 participants selected from the experts’ community, local institutions and central institutions.