Historic Centre of Prishtina counts its last days

In the framework of the project for monitoring transparency of the municipal government, EC Ma Ndryshe, over the past weeks has tracked the application of legal requirements for consultations with the public during the budget preparation process.

Within the “Online Transparency” project, EC Ma Ndryshe today has released its research paper on the historic centre, which aims to raise awareness of a broader community on the extent of its degradation, to highlight harmful activities and for raising concern for its future. By scanning recent developments in this area, its historical significance, architectural heritage values that intersect within its undefined boundaries, by pointing out erroneous treatments of the historic centre in general and specific monuments in particular in the past two decades, the report tends to shed light to reality and critical situation in which this part of the city of Prishtina is found today, as well as it reiterates the call for intervention and its protection. Read press release.