“Face-off” Debate– Security and punitive measures

Transparency Forum organized a seventh roundtable in the cycle of “Face-off” debates, wherein the debate tackled the topic ‘Safety and punitive measures’. To face with members of the forum, participants in this debate were: Mr. Ymer Hoxha, President of the Basic Court in Prizren, Hazir Berisha, Kosovo Police spokesman, KP Sgt. Vesel Gashi and Mr. Nexhat Çoçaj, Head of MDE.

Today’s debate addressed various topics in terms of Safety and Punishment, as Safety in schools, security cameras and the monitoring, thefts, illegal weapon possessions as well as punitive policies, statistics of the most frequent criminal offences during this year in the municipality Prizren, etc.

At the beginning of the debate the panellists presented a general summary regarding the undertaking of institutional measures towards public safety in Prizren municipality. According to panellists, the situation in terms of security is calm despite the statistics on offences identified by institutions.

On the other side, Transparency Forum members and representatives of the opposition parties in Prizren highlighted ample evidence that reveals low level of security in Prizren municipality. The pressure from politics for closure of cases opened against officials, the impunity of perpetrators, weak legal infrastructures towards the punishment of perpetrators of criminal offenses, possession of weapons in schools, battering, political security, corruption, etc., were in the spotlight of today’s debate. Transparency Forum will keep on organizing regular roundtables within the “Face-off” cycle of debates.