Expediency of Judiciary on Cases Involving Public Officials

Within the Project ”Online Transparency of the Municipalities of Prizren, Mamusha and Prishtina”, EC Ma Ndryshe held today a round table discussion entitled “Expediency of Judiciary in Cases Involving Public Officials”. The following panelists were invited:  Mr. Ymer Berisha, ZI – Municipality of Prizren; Mr. Arbër Rexhaj, Vetëvendosje Movement, Prizren; and Mr. Ismet Kryeziu, Executive Director, Kosovo Democratic Institute. 

The participants to this Round Table discussed on the dangers posed against the integrity of the municipal Mayor post and the principle of local good governance by the public officials faced with judiciary proceedings, which take time to be adjudicated. In addition, measures that may be undertaken to improve the expediency of judiciary in dealing with the cases of public officials have also been discussed. Special emphasis was given to the Prizren Basic Court decision on Mayor Muja and the negligence of judiciary when dealing with public officials, excessive procrastinations of proceedings against officials irrespective of the promise given by justice authorities that the cases of corruption and abuse of public post shall be prioritized.