European Commission presents its concern for the systematic degradation of cultural heritage

Systematic degradation of cultural heritage, with particular emphasis in Prizren, as well as the continuing habit of impunity regarding illegal demolition of monuments are mentioned as concerns within the Kosovo Report of the European Commission (link: /enlargement/pdf/key_documents/2016/20161109_report_kosovo.pdf). Furthermore, systematic degradation of cultural heritage in Prizren, according to this report, represents an increasing risk to public safety.

"Incidents of illegal demolition of cultural heritage have continued and sanctions against perpetrators have not been enforced. The systematic degradation of heritage, particularly in Prizren, is of great concern and poses an increasing risk to public safety, "said the report, in the cultural rights section. The report mentions that the Task Force for the Historic Centre of Prizren that was set up in 2014 for the treatment of illegal constructions has had minimal impact. "Intensified efforts to ensure adequate protection and management of cultural heritage throughout Kosovo are needed," reads the report. Read press release.